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Ensure all important content is visible

Depending on the device which receives the MMS, your media content may be cropped partially on the sides, by up to 25% in the case of Samsung devices. To ensure all the important content is visible, make sure all the important information is displayed at the center of your image.

Lighter is better!

Regarding sending capabilities and delivering messages quickly, the lighter your content is, the faster your MMS campaign will be sent. Campaigns can ensure a sending rate of 25 MMS per second but this throughput depends on various factors:

  • Media weight
  • Text length (since MMS can support written content up to 1600 characters, it can add extra weight. This concerns mostly advanced optimization needs).
  • Amount of contacts
  • Sending hour (if multiple MMS campaigns are sent on the same hour slot, messages can take more time to send).

To learn more about the best practises for sending MMS campaigns read the following article: MMS Media Recommendations.

Strong & personalized content

Creating an impactful MMS campaign also means capturing your client's attention. Personalized-content strategies are usually the key to this. Through the use of dynamic fields in Campaigns' message composer, you can add multiple personalized variables directly extracted from your CRM to ensure your messages are targeted at the right audience.

What about personalized media?

Right now, in Campaigns' self-served mode, you are not allowed to send personalized videos or images. However, if you are interested in stepping up your game in this area, do not hesitate to contact your CSM or Sinch Account manager to learn more about this service.

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