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You can count on help from AI when creating messages for your campaigns. With AI integration, your marketing team can collect ideas faster and sharpen the copy. It'll help you get marketing campaigns out quicker. For example, you feed the AI with a few key sentences around a Valentine's Day campaign and a few seconds later you have a fun message ready to go!


Currently you can use this feature to send out campaigns and also to submit a message template for approval. But before you can use AI, you'll need to opt in and agree with the AI disclaimer from Sinch Engage and with OpenAI terms of use. But don't worry, it's simple and fast, and a single opt-in will allow you to use all AI features in Sinch Engage as they are added.

Note: You need to be an administrator to opt in for AI features. The opt-in happens on the project level, so other team members will also have access to the features once one administrator has opted in. 

To opt in for AI features in Sinch Engage:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Newsletter or to Settings > Account > WhatsApp template messages.
  2. When creating a new campaign using Freeform message as the message type or when creating a new WhatsApp template, click Get help from AI at the bottom of the text field: 

    Get help from AI in the Newsletter viewGet help from AI in the Newsletter view

    Get help from AI in the Template personalization viewGet help from AI in the Template personalization view

  3. A modal will appear with more information about the feature and links to the terms and conditions. Read through the terms and if you agree with them, tick the checkbox and click the I agree button.
    If you don't agree, click the Cancel button. In this case you won't be able to use AI features. 

    Newsletter pageNewsletter page

    Template personalization pageTemplate personalization page

    After agreeing, the opt-in is done and you and all other team members in your project will be able to use AI features. Read more about using AI to compose your campaign message.


If you don't have the admin role and click Get help from AI, a modal will appear asking you to contact your admin to opt in for AI features.


If your admin opted-in and you are with Sinch Engage opened, please reload the page and try to use the feature again. 

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