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10DLC is a sanctioned A2P messaging service introduced by North American carriers who are moving away from unregistered long codes as these routes will encounter heavy filtering and are expected to eventually be blocked. Going forward, businesses sending messages to the US using long code numbers must register their Brands and Campaigns to ensure optimal message delivery.


Sinch helps you make the 10DLC registration process simple and provides two methods to register your 10DLC Brand and Campaign:


1)  Use a 10DLC Registration Form


  1. Customer submits a 10DLC Registration Form to Sinch and requests a list of numbers. This can take 1-3 business days.

  2. Sinch registers the Brand and Campaign(s) using the Campaign Registry (TCR)

  3. Sinch procures and provisions 10DLC.

2) Registration is available via the Sinch Customer Dashboard.


This requires a few simple steps for clients to purchase a 10DLC and register their brand and campaign using our customer dashboard:

  1. Number order: In this stage, you will need to provide information about your company and then procure a 10DLC number.

  2. Once you complete the above step, an 'Order' will be created with Sinch to register your 'Brand' and vet your company. You will receive an email, asking you to move to the next step which is 'Campaign' registration.

  3. 10DLC Campaign Creation: Once you have your 10DLC you can move forward with creating your campaign. In this step, you provide information about your use-case and traffic templates. Once done, a Jira ticket will be created which the Sinch Service Implementation team (SI) will pickup and continue with the rest of the provisioning process. 

Visit the Sinch 10DLC Product Page to learn more or if you need more help with 10DLC or have any questions, contact Sinch, who will be happy help!

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