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MMS MM7 Error Codes

A list of MMS MM7 Error Codes is displayed below: 1100 Partial Success 2000 Client error 2001 Operation restricted 2002 Address error 2003 Address not found 2004 Multimedia content refused 2005 Message ID not found 2006 LinkedID not found 2007 Messag...

MMS 365 - Solution Brief

The MMS 365 Solution Brief highlights how MMS 365 creates immersive multimedia experiences by using a programmable API to add rich audio and visual elements to multichannel customer engagements. It explains how enterprises and developers can use mult...

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Enriching Simple SMS

Popularly known as MMS, multimedia messaging service was introduced way back in 2002 with Sony Ericsson T68i, widely believed to be the first MMS-capable cell phone. It has come a long way since then — from being a new entrant in the mobile messaging...

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