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The following use cases are some examples of how Transcription can help your business:

  • Transcription of audio files received in your contact center: when individuals can also send audio messages instead of just text, it might be more practical and faster for agents to have text content for their analysis. In addition, they can take advantage of insights extracted by NLU analysis to perform content moderation.

  • Provides more accessibility for your business: you can use voice channels in your business to communicate with your customers, instead of being restricted to text-only channels. By doing so, people who find it easier to use voice channels, or prefer to use voice channels, can use your services and products as well.

Transcription can also help solve a wide range of other issues and challenges. Please feel free to contact Sinch or reach out to your Sinch Account Manager if you have any questions or if you have a particular problem you are trying to solve.


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