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What are the main threats to mobile messaging revenues for Mobile Operators?


Grey Routes

Use of Roaming Agreements to send A2P Messages.


Hiding the identity of submitting SMSC with a faked SMSC address. The destination network cannot track who sent a message, and messages cannot be billed correctly.


Unsolicited MT messages sent to the operator´s subscribers. Often include premium rate number, e-mail address or URL.


Large number of messages delivered to one or more of the operator´s subscribers, creating a denial of service attack to the operator network with loss of revenue, and costs related to fraud and spam.

SMS Spoofing

Fraudulent messages (MO) with a fake MSISDN are sent via the operator´s SMSC, causing lost revenue and negative impact on image.

SMS Malware

Illicit software download to mobile phones, via OTA or WAP push, may for example generate excessive traffic or send premium messages without the user’s knowledge.

SIM modem farms

Application traffic that is originated in the operator´s network, appearing to be P2P traffic, typically to take advantage of cheaper P2P bundles for sending application messages.

Mobile Number Portability dips-only

Routing information queries being made without any forward SMS for MNP dip purpose, providing information to external entities and consuming SS7 bandwidth for no valid reason.


Sinch can help you address the above challenges. Contact your Account Manager for more information or if you have any questions.