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Messengerpeople API rate limit

New Contributor



I was wondering, as I wasn't able to find this information, if there is a rate limit for the api for whatsapp. And if there is what it it.


Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gustavo,


Yes, there is a rate limiting value of 25 tps (transactions per second) and 100 tps when unblocking 100k messages per day or more.


For further information about the WhatsApp messaging limits, refer to the following article which defines the hard limits in terms WhatsApp messaging as defined by META:


Thanks and kind regards,

Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch

New Contributor

Thanks for the reply!
So, say I want to make 50 requests to{id}, would that hit any limit?
I ask this because your response left me wondering if the only rate limit on your API is the one set by META and not one imposed by you