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For now, the MMS feature inside Campaigns is still in Closed-beta. Here is a list of the features supported inside our product:

  • Fully integrated in our campaign creation workflow, you will be able to get insights on the completion of your campaign creation in real time using our wizard
  • Get an idea of what your sending could look like thanks to our previewer, both for video and images.
  • Upload any image/gif/video to your MMS or use a media link.
  • Good practices for media limits, recommendations in the UI and upgraded userguide.
  • MMS campaigns appear in our campaign list page
  • Get analytics for each MMS campaign sent: contacts loaded, hard bounce, ...
  • Reach up to 50 000 contacts for your campaigns by uploading CSV/Excel files
  • Test your message on a reduced number of collaborators to refine your words, up to 50 recipients
  • Schedule your MMS campaign to be sent at the best hour
  • Personalize your title and message with variables to reach out to your contact base on a deeper level
  • STOP management
  • 10DLC available
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