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Campaigns allows you to send bulk campaigns using multiple mobile messaging channels, including SMS and MMS (only available in US, Canada and Australia).


SMS Specifics

  • Bulk sending: Reach out to your contact base, with fast and high-volume sending capabilities
  • Rich landing pages: Get access to improved analytics (interactions, devices...) and drive engagement by adding a Rich landing page to your SMS.
  • Character limit: SMS are usually limited to 160 characters
  • Higher opening rates than email: SMSs sent tend to be opened within 10 minutes after being received.

MMS Specifics

  • Higher opening rates than SMS: More eye-catching than plain text messages, they tend to be opened more than classic SMS.
  • Higher engagement levels: MMS marketing campaigns have higher engagement levels (from 15 to 20%) than traditional SMS.
  • Easily sharable: they can be forwarded to friends or through social media channels
  • Multiplicity of medias: Using MMS channel, and depending on carriers’ limits, you can send images, gifs and videos
  • Available in 3 countries: This channel is only available in the US, Canada and Australia.
  • Characters and Weight limits: send messages up to 1600 characters and medias up to 740Kb in video formats
  • Not available on every phone: some old phones and people who do not have MMS enabled in their cellular plan are unable to receive them.

For more information on Campaigns, view the Sinch Campaigns product page.

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