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When creating a campaign inside Campaigns for the first time, it might be a bit disorienting to know what the good practices for this channel are. Here is a list of tips for you to apply to help you make the best out of it.


Build commitment

  • Create a simple, clear, understandable message.
  • Use action verbs (Enjoy, Discover, Click...) to give your message more impact.
  • Add dynamic fields to customize your messages.
  • Do not add "see conditions in store" unless it is necessary.
  • Do not overload your message with trade conditions.
  • Use capital letters sparingly, only to draw the attention to some words or a specific part of a phrase.
  • Include the brand name in your message to build trust. And if you can personalize the sender in your country: include your brand name as the Sender.
  • Use punctuation marks "!/.../?/"/;" to give rhythm to your message.
  • Choosing the right timing increases the conversion rate.
  • Keep your contacts database up to date.
  • Insist on the exclusive nature of the offer ("exclusive offer reserved to...").
  • If you are adding another link inside your message, put it high in your message to avoid confusions between the "Rich" link and the "STOP" mention at the bottom.

Encourage clicks

  • Do not reveal everything in your main message to entice your customers' interest and curiosity: Click to find out if you have won / Up to -50% on a wide range of clothing, Click to see more / Click and scratch to discover the amount of your coupon / Discover the lookbook of our new collection by clicking.
  • Use an action verb right before the link to entice clients to click: Click here / Discover here / See more here / Receive my coupon here / Your VIP invitation here.
  • Create a sense of urgency to stimulate sales: Click fast / Only two days left to take advantage of... / Today only!...
  • A message generally has a greater impact when using the following structure: [Offer announcement] [Action verb] [Link] [Dates] [Terms and conditions].
  • Personalize your redirect link to the Rich Message with the name of your brand to encourage your clients to click. To customize your redirect link, contact your Account Manager.

Create a good landing page

Take the fold into account. The fold is a virtual line below which the web page content is not visible on a screen. Anything below this threshold will only be visible when you scroll. Usually, visitors give 80% of their attention to the content that is located above the fold. So be sure to highlight and put first the most important information at the beginning of your Rich Landing page. For example, favour the location of your action button above the fold.

Give some hierarchy to the important information - your page must be easy to read and your content must be clear.

Keep in mind that the fold can vary depending on the multiple existing phone screen sizes, always try to test your design before sending them using our Preview tool or by sending a Test message to you before your final sending.


Things to avoid

  • Visually overloaded content: too much text, too many images, too many different elements (images + videos + texts + buttons + ...). Heavy content also slows the loading down and might not be displayed at all on a slow network.
  • Poor information hierarchy: build your campaign in a logical way, in order to get your message through.
  • Too many clickable buttons: determine what is the main goal of your campaign, for example, encourage clients to visit your shop, encourage sales using an image gallery, generate traffic to a mobile website. Too much information and too many options could result in your client abandoning. 

For more information on Campaigns, view the Sinch Campaigns product page.

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