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Watch the video below to discover the benefits of RCS (Rich Communication Services) for both users and brands:



Key Features and Benefits of RCS


Rich content

Allows sending images, videos, buttons, and even carousels. More visually appealing and more engaging customer experience.


Lets you include buttons that customers can tap to take actions, like booking an appointment or making a purchase. This can streamline communication and improve customer experience.


Includes your business logo and colors, making them instantly recognizable to your customers.


The sender is verified, indicated by a verified mark, to enhance trust and ensuring consumers that the message comes from a trusted sender.


Provides insights into how customers are interacting with your messages, so you can track their effectiveness and make improvements.

No app to download

Most Android devices are now shipping with Google Messages as the default messaging app, meaning customers don’t need to download a new app to start using RCS. 

Apple announced in November 2023 that it would start supporting RCS in 2024.

Verified Sender

Increase trust with customers by using a verified sender and engage with them.

Increased engagement

RCS is proven to increase customer engagement using compelling, branded conversations. Unlike SMS, businesses can use rich features such as suggested replies, image carousels and contextual actions to personalise interactions.

Suggested actions

Provide your customers with predefined options so they can tap a button rather than having to type a response.

Display reports

Identify who has seen your messages so you can better inform future engagements.


Enhance messages with rich image carousels, each card having its own suggested actions.

Fallback options

No RCS? No problems! Sinch have developed a unique fallback experience that allows all customers, regardless of device or messaging app, to receive RCS Messages.


For more information on RCS, visit the Sinch RCS product page.

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