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  1. Open Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet application.

  2. Cell A1 must always read Number, if you are uploading further merge fields please provide headings for each column in cells B1 to T1, depending on how many you require.

  3. If you are uploading to an Address Book you must add Name in cell B1 alongside Number.  This column must be populated.

  4. Input your data under the appropriate heading, numbers must be in International format without a + or leading zeros (447887123456).

  5. Ensure column A is formatted as Number and any decimal places are removed, if this column is formatted in any other way it will not upload (highlight the numbers > right click > format > numbers > ensuring decimal = 0).

  6. Save as a .CSV file, this can be done by using ‘Save As’ and selecting in the ‘.CSV’ file format.

    FAQ7 - Fig1.png
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