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There are two ways a Sinch Elastic SIP Trunking customer may authenticate themselves to the service. The first is IP authentication using Access Control Lists. With an ACL, a customer provides the IP or range of IP addresses that they will be sending traffic from to the provider.

The second is the use of digest authentication challenges to SIP Requests.

When digest authentication is in place, every SIP Invite sent to the Elastic SIP Trunk will be challenged with a SIP `407 Authentication Required` response. The client then must send the Invite again with the proper credentials.


If both ACLs and Digest Authentication are configured on your SIP Trunk, then both will be enforced.  Before placing a call, the client will need its IP Address added to the Access Control List and its username and password configured.  If either of these are not done the call will be rejected.


Before you begin setting up your Sinch Elastic SIP trunk for Digest Authentication make sure you have done the following:


  • Sign up for a free account at and request access for Elastic SIP Trunking. Need help? Click here for instructions.
  • If you have not already done so, configure and create your Elastic SIP trunk.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here.
  • Ensure you note the FQDN that was created on your SIP Trunk. You will need this while setting up your IP-PBX or SIP Application.


Configuring Digest Authentication


Log into the Sinch Customer Dashboard and navigate to Credential Lists underneath the Elastic SIP Trunking sub menu option:






The Create new Credential List dialog is displayed:




This allows you to create the list as well as the first entry.  Credential Lists may contain many Username/Password credentials.  When the list is assigned to a SIP Trunk, any credential found in the list may be used to authenticate calls.


Enter a friendly name for the Credential List and create your first credential by supplying a Username and Password. Click CREATE.


You may now select the Credential List name to be brought to its configuration page.  Here you can add new credentials, change the name of the Credential List, change the password for a credential, or remove a credential entirely.




Finally, you must assign the credential list to the SIP Trunk. To do this, navigate to your SIP Trunk’s configuration page and add it underneath the Outbound Call Settings.  Save your changes and the configuration for Digest Authentication is complete.

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