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Subprojects always belong to a parent project and are like projects in the sense that they are also a way to group resources together dynamically. However, they differ from projects as they do not affect billing instead relying on their parent project for billing purposes. Subprojects cannot have other subprojects attached - only parent projects (a.k.a. projects) can have subprojects.


A great example of how subprojects can be useful is when acting as an application service provider (ASP) for Sinch Products. The ASP can create a subproject for each new customer and simply remove the subproject if the customer leaves. Usage for each customer is measured separately. 


Accessing and managing Subprojects

You can access subprojects from the Projects top menu or from the Projects page in the Sinch customer dashbaord:


  1. Log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard. Click the Projects menu in the top bar:

    New Project View Subprojects Fig9.jpg

    A list of your projects is displayed. If you have multiple projects then you can search for your project or the project ID in the search field at the top of the project list.

  2. Your current project is highlighted (in yellow and with a tick mark). If you click the options icon (three vertical dots)  to the right of the current project name, you can see the details for the selected project. Click Subprojects.

  3. The Subprojects page is displayed:

    New Project SubprojectsPage Fig10.jpg

    This page shows you a list of your subprojects (for the selected project) along with the Project ID and the date the subproject was created. 

Creating subprojects

To create a new subproject click CREATE SUBPROJECT. The Create subproject dialog is displayed:

New Project CreateSubproject Fig12.jpg

Enter a name for your new subproject in the Name field. Click CREATEThe new subproject is created and displayed at the top of the list on the Subprojects page:

New Project CreatedSubproject Fig13.jpg

Note: After creating a new subproject, you must create a corresponding Service API if you want to send SMS messages using that subproject.

Viewing subproject details

To view the details for a subproject click the options icon (three vertical dots highlight in red above)  to the right of the current project name. The subproject details are displayed:

New Project SubprojectsDeatils Fig11.jpg

The project details panel contains the following information and options:


Displays the subproject name in the format:
{Parent Project Name} > {Subproject Name}

Project ID

Displays the Project ID. To copy the Project ID to your clipboard, click the copy iconShahzad_Ismail_0-1706109093534.png.

General Settings Configure the subproject settings including changing the subproject name.
Access keys Shows you the access keys for your selected subproject. A unique API key can be generated for each subproject in the customer dashboard, but it is also possible to use the key of the parent project to access subproject resources.
Learn more about access keys and how Sinch uses them.



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