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All customers logging in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard (www. using their mobile phone must use 2FA (one-time pass codes / two factor authentication):

  • Any user who tries to log in to will get a 2FA one-time PIN code sent to the mobile device linked to their account.
  • The user must enter this one-time PIN on the login screen, in order to complete the login process and get access to any customer data and portal pages
  • Users who do not have a verified mobile phone registered on their user profile, will be mandated to do so or else will not be allowed to log in.

Note: Users who are invited to an account are also mandated to verify their mobile phone.


Upgrading your mobile number

To upgrade the mobile number linked to your account:

  1. Log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard and click on the user profile icon in the top right corner (1) and then click your avatar icon (2):



  1. Your User Profile page is displayed:

    Click Change number.
  1. The verification dialog is displayed:

    Click VERIFY to confirm that you want to change your number. Before you can change your phone number, you will be requested to verify your existing phone number:

    We will send a verification code to your existing number. Enter the code in the Verification code field and click VERIFY.

  1. The Phone number dialog is displayed:

    Enter new number and click VERIFY. We will also need to verify this number. Once the number has been verified your new number is ready to be used.
  1. Your new number will be displayed in the phone number section of your profile page:



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