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Within a conversation, speakers remember pieces of information to steer the conversation in relevant ways. When building your chatbot on Sinch Engage, there are 2 solutions for remembering information about your customer:

  • customer properties, which are customer details like their name or email address. You can create more customer properties under the Customers tab. Customer properties are relevant for multiple conversations.
  • variables, which are pieces of info relevant to a particular chatbot conversation. These cannot be used by an agent. For instance, a variable could be the type of pizza that the customer wants to order. There are two ways of collecting variables: with a Collect info block, or under button click.

Variables and customer properties both have a name and a value. The name is used to refer to the variable or property. The value is what the variable or property represents.Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 10.04.55.png


Please note that entities that are successfully detected by your chatbot will be stored as variables.


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