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An intent is the overall goal or purpose of the user's expression. For example, if someone says "I want to order a pizza", the intent might be "Order pizza". Intents help the bot know what kind of conversation flow to trigger, like asking for menu preferences or payment details.


Expressions are example sentences or words that mean a specific intent: they're all the different ways a user can express their intention. It's crucial for an intent to contain diverse expressions so that the NLP can give more accurate results after training. You can set up your bot so that it detects entities inside of expressions.


intent vs entity.png

As shown in the example below, the bot has already been trained with the intent to "order pizza". As you can see, the intent "Order pizza" has different expressions that convey the same goal, which is to order pizza. The entity mentioned in the example above is "pizza type".


Intent vs Expression.png

Intents and entities are important for building an AI bot. By using intents and entities together, the bot can provide a more personnalized and interactive experience.


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