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Your Sinch account is created when you sign up in the Sinch Customer Dashboard. It represents the relationship between your business and Sinch and ties together all your Sinch services.


The account resource forms the root of the resource hierarchy that relates to your business.

In short, a Sinch account:


  • Represents your relationship with Sinch
  • Is the root of your resource hierarchy.


Billing Accounts


When you use Sinch services, you will be incurring charges to a billing account. Billing accounts maintain your account balance and contain your payment information such as name, address, currency type, and tax ID.


A Sinch account may have multiple billing account resources to control how the usage of Sinch services gets billed. This is done by linking the billing account to the projects you want it to pay for. Reach out to your Sinch Account Manager if you need help setting this up.


Billing accounts exist in two flavors: prepaid and postpaid.


  • Prepaid billing accounts maintain an account balance that you can easily top up using your preferred billing method.
  • Postpaid billing accounts are paid via invoice.


In short, a billing account:


  • Collects charges for all different Sinch products and maintains your account balance
  • Controls how other resources are billed
  • Stores payment information such as name, address, currency type, and tax ID for your business.


Learn more about how the Sinch account model works.

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