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Unverified (also called Restricted) TFNs are toll-free numbers that have not completed the toll-free sender verification process. Pending Verification TFNs are toll-free numbers where a verification request has been submitted, but the request is pending review and approval.


Effective April 1, 2023, UNVERIFIED Toll-Free numbers (TFNs) will be subject to UPDATED industry-wide U.S. messaging limits per TFN, listed below: 

  • Daily Limit: 500 messages per day per unverified TFN 
  • Weekly Limit: 1,000 messages per week per unverified TFN
  • Monthly Limit: 2,000 messages per month per unverified TFN 

Effective April 1, 2023, PENDING VERIFICATION Toll-Free numbers (TFNs) will be subject to NEW industry-wide U.S. messaging limits per TFN, listed below: 

  • Daily Limit: 2,000 messages per day per pending TFN 
  • Weekly Limit: 6,000 messages per week per pending TFN 
  • Monthly Limit: 10,000 messages per month per pending TFN 

Toll-Free numbers must be in a Pending Verification or Verified state when sending to Canada. Unverified TFNs are blocked from sending towards Canada.


In the near future, the verification process will need to be completed before sending any traffic on a Toll-Free number.  Sinch will make every effort to let you know in advance of further changes, however, please start to prepare and plan for this change in your onboarding processes now.  


TFNs that are unverified are subject to the highest amount of filtering applied to their traffic, and may be blocked if any spam or unwanted traffic is detected. Pending Verification TFNs are also subject to more stringent message filtering than Verified TFNs.

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