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Effective October 1, 2022, UNVERIFIED Toll-Free numbers (TFNs) will be subject to new industry-wide U.S. messaging limits per TFN, listed below: 

  • Daily Limit: 2,000 messages per day per unverified TFN
  • Weekly Limit: 12,000 messages per week per unverified TFN
  • Monthly Limit: 25,000 messages per month per unverified TFN

These thresholds are subject to change, with 30 days advance notice. All messages, regardless of being successful or not, will count toward the daily, weekly, and monthly volume thresholds. The limits above only apply to traffic sent towards U.S. destinations. Verification is required for all Toll-Free numbers when sending to Canada, starting on October 1, 2022 - unverified traffic towards Canadian destination numbers will be blocked.

Once a TFN has been submitted and is pending verification, these restrictions no longer apply.

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