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Conversational FAQ

You can neatly integrate Frank with Chatlayer to deliver a great conversational experience for end-users. You can start using Frank as proposed by the template of the figure below, or inserting Frank in a customized flow, or even as a fallback for "Not Understood".


Visit the AskFrank web page to see Frank in action answering natural language questions related to a big Brazilian retailer.

Search Engine

Sometimes the best experience for end-users is a single place to fetch the desired content easily, making a question instead of looking into a deep and complex navigation menu.


Our customer, SandS Media, enables its end-users (developers) to find relevant content through Web Portal using Frank as the search engine - click here to take a look.


Second Line Support


In some cases, end-users want human support, or the chatbot cannot solve the problem and the best option is a handoff to a human agent. No worries, Frank keeps working, searching for answers to help live agents.


Visit the AskFrank web page to see an example of Frank integrated with Contact and, even when Frank found wrong answers, live agents can update Frank knowledge easily, making the content accurate and updated.



Learn more about AskFrank.

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