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AskFrank neatly integrates with Contact and Contact Pro. It can make the live of your live agents easier in four different ways:

  • Response Suggestions: Frank can give response suggestions to live agents by automatically learning from previous conversations. Repetitive questions or questions that other agents have already answered can all be handled by Frank and he will suggest the responses by automatically matching conversations.

  • Chatbot Building: In the background AskFrank automatically builds a Chatlayer bot for you. By accepting the response suggestions Frank provides the system receives the necessary feedback to automatically create a chatbot so you can easily switch to Chatlayer for the most repetitive conversations.

  • Automatic Routing: Frank can learn from how messages are routed to expert teams. Over time Frank can route these messages automatically so there is no human intervention needed anymore.

  • Agent Assist: AskFrank can support agents by searching your FAQ pages or knowledge databases to find the right answers. This allows first line agents to answer more questions in less time.

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