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If you find that all the messages you are sending to a specific destination (country) are failing, then this could be down to a number of things. Some destinations block certain types of sender IDs, some need you to whitelist a sender ID before sending and others even require both sender ID and content to be registered before sending.

In such case we recommend you visit Country Information section of the Sinch Customer Dashboard, which detail regulatory and compliance information to help you communicate successfully with different countries.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an example of a country that has a lot of regulations. To view the information pertaining to this country, log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard and select the Country Information option from the SMS menu on the left panel. The Country Information page is displayed. Select United Arab Emirates from the Country drop-down list and then click DISPLAY INFORMATION. The country information page for the UAE is displayed:


FAQ34 Fig1.png


As you can see under supported features none of the standard sender IDs are allowed and only pre-registered alphanumeric sender IDs can be used. Further down the page you will find more details about the destination.

If you have already registered your sender ID or the destination restrictions are not causing the messages to fail, then we recommend you visit the Sinch status page (, which highlights any current issues we are having as well as past issues, so you are able to check to see if we had any problems at the time your messages were sent. You can sign up for alerts so you are sent notifications when we have problems that might affect you.  

Learn more about the Sinch Status page.


If you still have further questions or believe the error being reported is incorrect, contact Sinch Support – ensure you provide the MSISDN, the date the SMS was sent and the Message ID from the View message screen above. This will help our support team to identify the issue quickly and enable us to provide the best support possible.

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