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Sinch Support Plans


Support Plans

Sinch offers the following support plans:


Sinch Support Plans Fig1c.png


Note: The following Sinch Services are included in these SLAs:


Sinch Support Plan - Included Services Fig7.png


Dedicated Support Team 

Is Gold support still not enough for your business? Then Sinch can offer even more personalized customer support to meet your additional needs. The Dedicated Account Support team will ensure that customers using this service receive a consistent high-quality support experience, with a named resource, with the aim to ensure that SLA and KPIs are met. The Dedicated Support Team will:

  • Oversee Support Issues (not work every ticket).
  • Ensure a high-quality support experience.
  • Ensure that SLA and KPIs are being met.
  • Work with the Customer:
    • Hold periodic ticket and alignment calls.
    • Have periodic governance calls (Ticket volumes/SLA and Traffic Analysis)
    • On upcoming requirement follow-up (projects which require overseeing)
    • Working with the internal teams to get answers/movement on projects or requests.


SLA Definition - Availability

Sinch will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that service will be available [%] of the time, in the manner, and with the exceptions, set forth below:


Sinch Support Plans SLA Def Availability Fig2b.png


Availability of the Service will be calculated each month, as a percentage based on the calculation below:

Measurement Period – Unavailability


Measurement Period


Priority Levels

Sinch will use the following priority levels to prioritize tickets:


Sinch Support Plans Priority Levels Fig3.png


Fault Response

Sinch shall utilize commercially reasonable efforts to deliver minimum 90% of below-mentioned fault response performance services in accordance with the following times and accuracy targets:


Sinch Support Plans Fault Response Basic Fig4.png

Sinch Support Plans Fault Response Business Fig5b.png

Sinch Support Plans Fault Response Gold Fig6.png


Contact Sinch if you have any questions.


Stefan Skedeback, Director of Global Support