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To search for conversations based on customer, subject, or category, enter your search term in the Search field. The system updates search results after every character you enter. Refresh the results when needed by clicking refresh_button.png next to the search field.


To sort the queue in ascending order based on a column, click the column header. An arrow appears to indicate the sort order. To sort in descending order, click again.




To filter conversations based on channel or category, click the filter icon column_filter_icon.png in the column header and select which channels or categories you want to see conversations from:




To filter conversations in the Queue tab based on skill match, click the filter icon fixed_filter_icon.png next to the Search field and select either Conversations Matching My Skills or Conversations Not Matching My Skills:




You can only see conversations that match the filter you have selected, and your filter shows up as a blue label next to the Queue heading:




To remove the filter, click the X at the end of the filter label. You can remove channel or category filters also by clicking the filter icon column_filter_icon.png in the column header again and either unselecting the filter or clicking Reset.


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