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What is 2FA?

Community Manager
Community Manager


Two-factor authentication (2FA), a subset of multifactor authentication (MFA), is a scheme that requires at least two authentication factors, including:

  • A knowledge factor (something only the user knows, such as a password or PIN)
  • A possession factor (something only the user possesses, such as an ATM card, mobile device, or smart card)
  • An inheritance factor (some feature inherent in the user, such as a fingerprint or retina pattern.)

One of the most popular means to deliver OTPs or 2FA authentication tokens (for example, PINs, alphanumeric codes) is to send them to a registered mobile device (something the user has) through SMS.


In the last two or three years, many social networks, digital commerce providers, and financial institutions have begun to use 2FA as the standard method for resetting passwords, authorizing users, and validating transactions.


Sinch has been delivering 2FA tokens, on behalf of our customers, for many years, using approved and high quality-of-service SMS routes to mobile operators around the world for 2FA token delivery - click here to learn about our Authentication 365 solution.


Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch