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Updating URLs in SAP IAS for Authentication 365

Community Manager
Community Manager

As Authentication 365 is part Sinch we need to decommission all SAP related URLs and you will need to makes the following changes to your SAP IAS configuration.


We are updating all the base URLs that contain:


The new URL base will be:


Sinch Authentication 365 User Interface

Sinch Authentication 365 has a web-based User Interface that enables users to create defaults, send and validate test messages, create OAuth credentials, manage users, and view statistics and traffic data.

The User Interface URL is:

You may start using this URL now.  Your existing login and password should not be affected.


The User Guide for the Sinch Authentication 365 UI is linked here:


Configuration of the “Required Information” for SAP IAS

Bring up your SAP IAS configuration.  It should be filled in from when you first provisioned it.

You will need to change the URLs in the following fields, designated by the red arrows in the screenshot below:



Update the URLs highlighted in red using the information provided below:


Once you have updated the URLs we recommend that you test to make sure everything works okay and then you resume your production.

Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch